Welcome to UK Health Care Agency

Providing services to semi-independent 16+ and young persons

Life Skills Training

One of our primary objectives is to equip
young individuals with essential life skills

Helping semi-independent 16+ and Young Rersons

We try to make a successful transition
to adulthood and independent living


Welcome to UK Health Care Agency Ltd

Uk Healthcare Agency Ltd has been committed to providing high quality care services to young person 16+ and also adults. Our semi independent services consists of providing accommodation to young person in the community and supervising those young person living alone or in small group, by encouraging them and enabling all of them to acquire the necessary competencies to help them their future.

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We support adults in their homes proving Monitoring and supporting them on different tasks and activities.

  • Self funding
  • Cleaning
  • Games
  • Puzzles
  • Indoor Exercise
  • Music

We also offer Monitoring when out on activities, shopping and leisure. At the moment we don’t offer Personal care support.


The aim of our services is not just to provide roof over the heads of our clients but to equip them with the necessary tools to thrive independently. To support them building self-confidence resilience and the capability to make decision and take control of their lives.

Emotional Support

Adolescence can be a challenging time, especially for young individuals leaving the care system. We offer emotional support, counseling, and access to mental health resources to help them cope with the transition and any underlying issues they may be facing.

Educational Support

Many young people in semi-independent services are still pursuing their education or vocational training. We offer support in this regard, ensuring that young people have the necessary resources and guidance to continue their studies.

High Standards of Care

At UK Health Care Agency Ltd it is important for us to maintain high standards of care and support. This often involves adherence to government regulations and quality standards, as well as ongoing training and development for staff members.

Why Choose Us?

Social Life and Leisure

We believe that social and leisure aspects of life are an integral part of care.

Philosophy of Care

We identify each person individually in order to bring the right benefits for them

Improved standards

Vision of UK Health Care Agency Ltd is to help people live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives.


Efficient Team

We aim to recruit the right people, and develop them through training to make a positive difference to others.

Honesty and Trust

We behave with honesty and openness, building relationships based on trust


We conduct regular reviews and close monitoring of our services.

We support and encourage

At UK Health Care Agency Ltd we treat people with dignity and respect. We ensure that people have as much control over their own lives as possible. Our work is shaped by the people we support, rather than the other way around. We support and encourage, but never impose. In particular, we work hard to safeguard people from abuse. We believe it's extremely important to promote independence and understand that all of our semi-independent 16+ and adults should be treated as individuals so each member has a plan of care designed around their requirements and preferences, granting them choice in aspects of their daily routine.

You are welcome to drop in to UK Health Care Agency Ltd when you wish or make an appointment to see our manager personally. By contacting the manager, you will receive professional guidance and advice on a wide range of care issues and how the services we offer will meet your requirements. For further assistance and enquiries about our services please call us on 07784 133026 or email info@ukhealthcare.vip

Client Testimonials

We constantly receive letters and cards from our clients thanking us for our care. Here is a selection of the many received. We'd love to hear what you have to say about our service.


Very happy to know this company they provide support beyond my expectations always on time and very professional.

Happy Patient


Very happy to know this company they provide support beyond my expectations always on time and very professional.

Happy Patient


Very happy to know this company they provide support beyond my expectations always on time and very professional.

Happy Patient

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Call us on 07784 133026 or submit your message using our enquiry form.

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