Our Services


Our Services

Safe and Supportive Housing

The housing at UK Health Care Agency Ltd is designed to offer a safe and secure environment while encouraging personal responsibility. Semi-independent services often provide supervised or semi-supervised accommodation for young people who may not be ready for complete independence.


Emotional Support

We offer emotional support and guidance to help individuals navigate the challenges they might face during this transitional period. We often provide counseling, mentoring, and advice on maintaining healthy relationships and emotional well-being.


Employment Support

Assistance with education, training, and employment opportunities is often a fundamental aspect of our services. Preparing young people for the job market is a key aspect of semi-independent services. We help young people explore different career paths, access educational resources, and support them in finding suitable employment opportunities. This includes job search assistance, interview coaching, and guidance on career development.


Financial Literacy

Understanding financial management is vital for independent living. At UK Health Care Agency Ltd we help young people learn about budgeting, savings, and financial responsibility.


Healthcare and Well-being

Ensuring that young people have access to healthcare services and encouraging a healthy lifestyle is another essential component. This includes regular health check-ups, assistance with medical appointments, and guidance on maintaining physical and mental well-being. At UK Health Care Agency Ltd it is our primary goal to assist semi-independent 16+ and young persons in healthcare well-being.


Social Inclusion

Building a sense of community and belonging is important for the well-being of young people. At UK Health Care Agency Ltd we often organise social activities, outings, and opportunities to connect with peers.


Supportive Environment

The environment at UK Health Care Agency Ltd is structured to promote a sense of responsibility, independence, and community living. Residents are encouraged to participate in household responsibilities and decision-making processes.


Life Skills Training

One of the primary objectives of UK Health Care Agency Ltd is to equip young individuals with essential life skills, such as cooking, budgeting, time management, and housekeeping. These skills are crucial for their long-term independence and well-being. Training and workshops are conducted by us to empower the young individuals with the skills needed for independent living.


Transition Planning

We work closely with social workers and relevant authorities to create individualised plans for each young person, ensuring a smooth and well-prepared transition towards independent living. This involves setting goals, identifying needs, and outlining the steps required for successful transition and integration into society.


Structured Support Plans

Semi-independent service providers work with each young person to create a personalized support plan, taking into account their unique needs and aspirations. These plans are dynamic and are regularly reviewed and adjusted as individuals progress.


Preparation for Independent Living

The ultimate goal of semi-independent services is to prepare young people for independent living. This includes finding and securing appropriate accommodation, understanding legal rights and responsibilities, and building a support network.